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Explore the world of Bermcycle through the lens of industry professionals. This page gathers a wealth of press reviews from notable biking magazines, providing insights on our range of titanium bicycle parts and accessories. Discover in-depth evaluations of our standout products such as the Rover Handlebar, the Route Handlebar, and the Rexx Enduro Frame. These reviews highlight Bermcycle’s unwavering dedication to quality, performance, and innovation in the mountain biking arena. Experience Bermcycle – where trails meet high-performance titanium biking solutions.

Rover Handlebar Review

“The retro riser bar has seen a triumphant comeback due largely to the growing klunker scene, but also because they’re freakin’ awesome. Berm Cycle, a Singapore-based component company recently expanded its titanium handlebar lineup with the Rover, a beautifully crafted retro-riser bar.”

“I didn’t anticipate how much this bar would change the position from my previous bar setup. The 80mm rise launched me back to 1981 racing BMX bikes at The Ranch in Menominee Falls, WI. The upright position was a welcomed change from my other mountain bikes over the years.”


Route Handlebar Review

Bike Gear Database

“Berm Cycles Ti Route Loop Bar showcases Berm’s love and passion in its products, introducing a titanium multi-hand position bar aimed at adventure biking, combined with an optional bike bag.”

“The Ti Route Loop Bar earns a 10 out of 10 for its titanium build, offering superior lightness, control, and handling. It’s not just a bar, it’s an enabler for a fantastic adventure riding experience.”


Rexx Enduro Frame

“Rexx, the new aggressive hardtail from Berm Cycles, is a powerful beast ready to devour any terrain. Built with a Titanium Ti3Al2.5V double-butted frame, it can be ridden hard and fast on trails, yet remains nimble enough to tackle unexpected drops, roots, bumps, and rocks.”

“The Berm Rexx Ti Hardtail offers superior performance on the trails, with its lightweight, durable titanium frame and versatile design. Excelling on anything from XC single track to steep and gnarly downhill tracks, it handles all terrains and weather conditions.”

“Berm Cycles’ Berm Rexx Ti Hardtail is ‘a new breed of hardtail’, able to handle anything from rocky trails to steep climbs. Its well-thought-out geometry offers excellent stability and control, making it a reliable investment for serious riders.”


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